Les opinions exprimées dans cet article sont toutefois les nôtres et notre enthousiasme est sincère . Nous avons établi notre itinéraire sur un rythme plutôt soft (roadtrip OK mais ça reste des vacances… et accessoirement j’étais enceinte ! Of course, the prices go high as you get closer to the popular destinations. Brela Stone – the iconic sight of Brela – Croatia Road Trip Itinerary. Check flights to Croatia from the USA (starts at $450 RT) and UK (starts at £36 RT) Things to Pack for Croatia. Just like Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park tends to get crowded as well, so visit super early or in the late afternoon to avoid crowds. Get a waterproof case for your camera or a GoPro to create memorable photos as you spend your day swimming in Krka National Park. On apprend qu’un dragon dort sous la ville, qu’une sorcière hante les forêts voisines et bien d’autres choses encore… Ça et là, des impacts de balles rappellent que Zagreb a connu, il n’y a pas si longtemps de cela, des heures sombres. Get a single day tram ticket so that get on and off as you explore the city. It is a suggested starting point because of the ease of starting your journey here. When it comes to the western balkan countries - Croatia got it all. The gates are Dvojna vrata and Herkulova vrata. The beautiful Old Town of Hvar Island, Croatia Itinerary. The starting points will change based on how you enter Croatia. Croatia is at its best in summer and autumn. Me in Krka National Park – Ultimate Croatia Road Trip. No, renting isn’t expensive and can turn out to be even cheaper than driving your own car into the country if you’re crossing too many countries. À tel point que Split a servi de décor à la série Game of Thrones (d’ailleurs, les équipes étaient sur place pendant notre séjour !). You can see fascinating landmarks to visit and some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy. The complex is called Rastoke and is a good place for a day trip if you want to get off the tourist trail in Croatia. Thanks Niranjan, glad you like our Croatia itinerary and yes we made it super informative to help people plan their trip. Les opinions exprimées et les avis partagés restent les nôtres. Start at the Upper Town (, ) and gradually make your way to the Lower Town (. Recevez chaque mois un récapitulatif des derniers articles publiés, des contenus inédits et des nouvelles de l'équipe ! Our second trip to Croatia was in 2019 and it was on our own camper van from Slovenia. Cost: 1euro entrance fee (cash, can also pay in Bosnian Marka) That’s right, on day 2 of the Croatia road trip I’ve listed Bosnia! Si vous flânez parfois sur Pinterest pour trouver de l’inspiration pour vos voyages, vous avez sans doute vu passer des dizaines de photos de ce parc magnifique. And this is where we come in to help. 13-mag-2015 - Summer road-trip in Croatia - part 3: Split, Brela, Dubrovnik and the abandoned touristic village of Kupari. Unlike Plitvice Lakes, you don’t need to walk that much inside Krka National Park. Pula old town centre at night – Croatia itinerary. Day 3 is the start of your Croatia road trip. Your tickets will likely cost around €17 (127 Kunas). Some of the viewpoints, waterfalls and cascades here are unbelievably gorgeous. If you like to party, then Budapest has one of the craziest party scenes in this part of Europe. If you’re road tripping on a van or are carrying a tent, then you can just camp right here in Camping Stoja. Brela has amazing beaches with a backdrop of mountains. I read from a few forums it seems difficult to go across non EU borders with rental car. Mini Plitvice Lakes – Waterfall in Slunj, Croatia Road Trip – CC0 via Pixabay. Apart from that, there’s so much to explore here, so let your free spirit go wild as you find hidden gems scattered within the park. It is one of the few places that’s recommended by the National Park and they also run a free shuttle to and from the park everyday. Un musée pas comme les autres où l’on découvre les témoignages et objets légués par des anonymes pour raconter leurs amours éteintes, des amitiés perdues de vue ou l’éclatement de familles. Required fields are marked *. . Zagreb is Croatia’s glorious capital, and one of the best places to start your road trip in Croatia if you’re flying in. The country’s natural beauty is stunning. We are Sonal (from India) & Sandro (From Germany). Take the winding trails that show off Croatia’s unrivaled natural beauty as you bask in the blissful oasis that is the Plitvice Lakes. After two road trips in Croatia, we can confidently say that this lovely country in, The first time we visited Croatia was on 2016. The waterfall in Krka National park is massive and the biggest waterfall –. Great post. Pula beach sunset – Croatia Road Trip itinerary. to see all the park’s attractions and the best trails. Few years ago I first time visit in Croatia and I didn't know what to expect. We stayed in a place called Apartment Maruna that had everything we needed. These are all decent photography spots especially as the sun starts to set. We traveled to Croatia at the end of summer 2018 with our own car. Montenegro’s flower shaped Kotor Bay is very close to Dubrovnik and you can visit it very easily after your road trip in Croatia. Extend the time of your stay and enjoy this location for a whole day by booking into the Apartment Kravica. Your tickets will likely cost around €17 (127 Kunas). The drive here will take just over an hour, so we suggest leaving Krka National Park in the early morning to enjoy lunchtime in the city. Nous ne regrettons pas une seconde d’avoir avalé tant de kilomètres pour venir jusqu’ici. Croatia is very safe. Here’s how to do it right. Where did I stay: Best Western Premier Astoria Hotel (book here) Zagreb is a perfect first stop for… If you’re road tripping on a van or are carrying a tent, then you can just camp right here in, Plitvice Lakes National Park is awesome but gets super crowded. Kravice Waterfalls, Bosnia & Herzegovina – Balkans Road Trip itinerary. Festival towards the country side. travellers plan to travel to visit Croatia in June, 2019, it would be around from June 26 to July 2-3 return,trip planned sbout 7-8 days at the destination. Road trip en Croatie : conseils & remarques. You can learn more about this on a. . The perfect itinerary for a Croatia road trip. It is on the Makarska Riviera. You can mix and match these if you have less time. Stay Off The Motorways (Unless You’re In A Hurry) Part of the joy of a driving holiday is the freedom it offers. GPS Input: Martin Brod or Una National Park. Zagreb makes a great base of operations for exploring Inland Croatia. And this is where we come in to help. Good recommendations. Lydia et Srdjan, les propriétaires, nous accueillent à bras ouverts. I really enjoyed walking around in Pula’s old town. Planning a trip to Croatia When to do a road trip in Croatia. You can eat lunch here or have a few sunset drinks to end your day early. Highly touristy so make sure you thoroughly read this post before. Relax knowing there’s no more driving involved for the day, and kick back here for the night. The entrance fee is only €25 – €30 (180 Kunas). The Roman Amphitheatre (Arena) was very close to our hostel. Road trips are a brilliant way to live in the moment and remember life really is about the journey, not the destination. We met while traveling and got married. La monotonie des autoroutes allemandes a laissé la place aux montagnes autrichiennes. The roads are well maintained in Croatia. If you’re on this page, I’m sure you know already where Croatia is. Conclusion of Our Croatia Road Trip Itinerary, Traveling Europe by Campervan: Our Tips for "Van…, 30 Amazing Places to Visit in Delhi – the City of…, 2 Days in Amsterdam Itinerary: Fall in LOVE With…, Travel Guide for Visiting Plitvice Lakes, Croatia…. Ce que j’aime quand je pars en road trip, c’est cet instant magique où je tourne la clé pour lancer le moteur de la voiture. Europe - Road Trip - Croatia - Originally Posted by ung1 Thanks. Here are some basic tips that you need to keep in mind while driving in Croatia: I have a detailed post about road tripping in the Balkans that contains tips. So, your updated 7 day Croatia road trip itinerary could look something like: Day 1: Start in Dubrovnik Day 2: Makarska Day 3: Split (Stop in Omiš on the way) Day 4: Krka National Park + Skradin Day 5: Zadar This is a fabulous spot on our Croatian road trip itinerary to grab some souvenirs and have a sundowner whilst gazing over the dazzling Adriatic Sea. Believe it or not, it was built 3000 years ago by the Illyrians! Bombardée en 1991 par les Serbes, elle a depuis lors été restaurée. We have now spent 6 months exploring this beautiful country, which I’d highly recommend if you have the time, but for a holiday this can be done in a much shorter period. Pula is the biggest town in Istria and should be a part of your Croatia itinerary if you want to cover this particular part of the country. Thankfully the staff was pretty efficient and the ticket queues mover very fast. Here’s a map of Croatia with all the suggested places marked for you. Ajoutez à cela la proximité de l’Adriatique qui étend ses eaux bleues devant la ville, les délices d’une gastronomie méditerranéenne au carrefour entre l’Italie et la Turquie, et une multitude de possibilités d’excursions autour de la ville, et vous comprendrez pourquoi nous y avons passé autant de temps ! Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. La pluie incessante colore d’une tension dramatique les paysages majestueux qui défilent. We stopped in Zadar for one night before driving to Krka National Park. Road trip two - Croatia <3. Starting at the most Northern point, Rijeka is a transport hub and major ferry port. Brela Stone is on Brela beach. An amazing thing that I noticed about driving in Europe is how other drivers flash their lights at you to let you know that there’s traffic police nearby. This island will take you back in time and teach you about the colorful history of Croatia. No that wasn’t the case. It will make your jaw drop and leave you with incredible memories. Mali Prštavac Slap – the most beautiful waterfall in Plitvice Lakes Croatia. De Paris, cap à l’est, avec la découverte de l’Allemagne, et notamment Stuttgart et Munich. Croatia Road Trip Itinerary. If you like historical towns, then explore Mostar or Visegrad. hi . Our first road trip to Croatia was from Hungary and the second one was from Slovenia. to see the exceptional Kravice Waterfall (also called the Kravica Waterfall). in this case we should consider either renting the campervan full period or car/airbnb full period… Budapest to Zagreb is only 3 – 4 hours by driving. Of course I had no intention to pass over the beautiful Croatia on this trip - because Croatia never disappoints. One of the best ways to enjoy the local vibe and feel the hum of Split’s city life is to take a stroll through the scenic Riva Promenade. Après avoir rédigé pas moins de 15 articles qui retracent nos aventures en Croatie, il est temps pour moi de passer au Bilan de ce joli voyage avec un nouvel article : Road Trip > 10 jours en Croatie – Itinéraire & Budget!. Upper Town is the main old town of Zagreb with medieval architecture. Did you know there is a “mini Plitvice Lake” in Croatia? . You can walk and enjoy the most of Zagreb. It still remains one of our favorite countries in Europe. We have now spent 6 months exploring this beautiful country, which I’d highly recommend if you have the time, but for a holiday this can be done in a much shorter period. This ideal accommodation spot provides a way for you to stay only 400 meters from the waterfall itself. It was the perfect place to stay for us. It’s time to say goodbye to the capital city and head to Zadar, but there’s no … Imagine 16 clear water lakes, all arranged in different levels (like steps) with cascades and waterfalls between them – that’s Plitvice Lakes. Get lost in lush jungle landscapes, stroll streets with charming Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque buildings, and enjoy the most pristine beachscapes – there are so many amazing things to do in Croatia. There is also a cave too. It is a beach destination BUT is more than just pretty beaches, Pula has a lovely old town too. We visited in August and it was very crowded. Jan 17, 2016 - Explore Lisa Evans's board "Croatia & Montenagro road trip" on Pinterest. Road trip in Croatia. and make this your beginning point. Europe : 3 semaines de Road Trip en Italie, Croatie & Slovénie août 6, 2019 Prendre sa voiture, avaler les kilomètres et se retrouver en plein de cœur de l’Europe pour découvrir de nouveaux paysages, ça, c’est un kiff ! Alternatively, you can get a, So wondering how to spend one day in Zagreb? Eating and Drinking in Kravice Waterfalls Bosnia. Guess what, it is the 6th largest surviving Roman amphitheater in the world. Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s most beautiful and fun at the same time. Enjoy a night of luxury and rejuvenate at the onsite spa. It is an award winning hotel with a view of the town. It depends on many factors. The locals here speak decent English and you won’t have any communication problems. You can walk and enjoy the most of Zagreb. We have included many different kinds of places to visit in Croatia that will appeal to all kind of travelers. If you see google maps, you will notice how this part looks triangular with multiple beaches. These lakes make a great day trip from Split despite being much further away. Our apartment had a nice and compact kitchen and a toilet. 

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