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The Postal Museum also holds more than 200 albums dating from before and after the introduction of the first adhesive postage stamp in 1840. These include entire letters, covers, envelopes, postcards and postal stationery. They also contain studies of particular markings for penny posts and for the various transport systems, such as ships.

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Buy and sell stamps from Great-Britain. Meet other stamp collectors interested in Great-Britain stamps.. 1841 Queen Victoria, 1819-1901 - White Line Below "POSTAGE" & Above "TWO PENCE" 13.. (* Briefmarke nicht im Set enthalten) -3.850: 203-USD :

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This is a list of British postage stamps issued by the Royal Mail postal service of the United Kingdom,. £1 value was the first British stamp designed by a woman and the issue is notable for the omission of the words 'postage' and 'revenue').. England's Victory in Rugby World Cup sheet, 19 December; 2004. Classic locomotives, 13 January.

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GB 1885 Revenue Consular Service Sterling Currency Embossed 2s 'S omitted' from 'TWO SHILLINGS'. Stock Code: P234005097. $187.64 *. View All. Revenue stamps are also known as Tax, Fiscal or Duty stamps that collect fees or taxes on official documents. Please browse our extensive collection.

Die seltensten und teuersten britischen Briefmarken

Inside Linn's: The joys of collecting British revenue stamps. Sep 4, 2020, 8 AM. In Great Britain Philately in the Sept. 21 issue of Linn's Stamp News, Matthew Healey dives into the fascinating world of British revenue stamps. This 220-year-old document from the reign of King George III bears an embossed 10-shilling stamp on blue pape.

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Although the goal was uniform penny postage, the first change was on 5 December 1839 to a uniform fourpenny post. This was so popular that the change to penny postage came shortly thereafter on 10 January 1840. During the period from 5 December, a 4d letter up to half an ounce could be either pre-paid by the sender or post-paid by the recipient.

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Briefmarke British Guiana 1-Cent Magenta, 1856. 1856 Ein-Cent-Marke "Schwarz auf Magenta" von Britisch-Guayana ist zweifellos die teuerste und seltenste Briefmarke der Welt. Britisch-Guayana benutzte die von England erhaltenen Briefmarken für den Versand von Briefen, aber 1856 benötigte die Kolonie dringend einen zusätzlichen Vorrat an.


Your guide to the stamps of George V, the 'Collector King'. It was in 1856, some nine years before King George V was born, that the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and brother Prince Alfred, later the Duke of Edinburgh, were given examples of new 6d stamps. Enthused by the gift Alfred soon became a dedicated collector and began working.

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A 5-shilling (abbreviated as 5/- or 5s) (£0.25) stamp first appeared in 1867, followed by 10 shilling (£0.50) and £1 values in 1878, culminating in a £5 stamp in 1882. Meanwhile, the age of the Penny Reds had come to an end along with the Perkins Bacon printing contract.

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Discounted Stamps. Print Catalog. GB 1958 £1 Black SG539a D.L.R Fine Used. £8.00. GB 1963 Lifeboat Phosphor Set of 3 SG639p-641p V.F MNH. £16.00. GB 1963 Red-Cross Phosphor Set of 3 SG642p-644p Fine LMM & MNH. £20.00. GB 1964 Botanical Phosphor Set of 4 SG655p-658p V.F MNH.

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These philatelic items are an important part even of the most sophisticated collections. The UK has an attractive and extensive selection of highly desirable stamps, proofs, trials, essays, errors, and postal history. Postal services have been around for over 2000 years, but postage stamps were first introduced in the year 1840 in Great Britain.

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Die britische Penny Black gilt allgemein als erste Briefmarke der Welt. Briefmarken und Postgeschichte Großbritanniens bietet einen Überblick über die Postgeschichte des Vereinigten Königreichs Großbritannien und (Nord-)Irland sowie die Briefmarken, die von diesem Land und seinen früheren Hoheitsgebieten bis zum heutigen Tag herausgegeben.

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Queen Victoria - Inscription "POSTAGE AND INLAND REVENUE" 1881. Now showing: Great Britain - Postage stamps - 1881 - Queen Victoria - Inscription "POSTAGE AND INLAND REVENUE" - 3 stamps. 1881 Queen Victoria - Inscription "POSTAGE AND INLAND REVENUE". 12. July WM: 11 Sheetsize: 240 Engraving: Stampatore: De La Rue & Co. Ltd. Perforation: 14. No.

Die seltensten und teuersten britischen Briefmarken

Revenues. Clive AKERMAN and Roger G. BOOTH, The Judicial Stamps of Great Britain and Pre‑1922 Ireland.Hitchin: The Revenue Society of Great Britain, 1996. 136pp. R. G. BOOTH, Catalogue of the Revenue Stamps of the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Eire, 3rd edition. 800pp.. John H. CHANDLER and Harry DAGNALL, The Newspaper & Alamanac Stamps of Great Britain & Ireland.

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A postage and revenue stamp, sometimes also called a dual-purpose stamp [1] [2] or a compound stamp, [3] is a stamp which is equally valid for use for postage or revenue purposes. They often but not always bore an inscription such as "Postage and Revenue". Dual-purpose stamps were common in the United Kingdom and the British Empire during the.

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Stamps from Great Britain. catalogue. 12,936 items. Great Britain is a Western European island in the North Sea. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Northern Ireland since 1922) issued the world's first postage stamps in 1840. From 1958, regional stamps are also issued in Schotl More.