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Most PCs that are good for 3D rendering are also good for gaming, and that's true of the iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC. What's even more appealing about it is its low price, clocking in at just $1,000.

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3D Animation and Gaming PC | Build Help . Build Help Looking to build a middle to high end gaming pc that can run animation software like Maya. My budget is $1500 and planning on ordering everything in Ohio by March and early April. Someone made me this list too if anyone can verify how good it is or make any improvements upon it.

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01 Omen Obelisk Desktop PC. If price isn't an issue, and you simply want the best out there, you can go for HP's Omen Obelisk . Its specs don't only make it a fantastic gaming computer; it's also powerful enough for 3D rendering and animations, thanks to its top-notch specs. Its CPU has an 8-core, 3.60 GHz, 9th generation Intel Core i9.

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EVGA - 500W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply. This is the best non-modular CPU for budget PCs built for 3D rendering. It comes with long cables and does the job. If you choose a full tower case, please make sure to double-check the PSU cable length before you buy. This is the most common mistake made by novice PC builders.

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So here they are, the CPU recommendations for our Best Computer for Animation: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - 12 Cores, 3.7GHz Base Clock, 4.8GHz Turbo Clock. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X - 8 Cores, 3.8GHz Base Clock, 4.7GHz Turbo Clock. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - 6 Cores, 3.7GHz Base Clock, 4.6GHz Turbo Clock.

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The list in brief ↴1. Best overall: MacBook Pro (2023) 2. Best Windows: ProArt Studiobook 3. Best compact: Dell Precision 4. Budget: MacBook Air 15 (2024) 5. Best 17-inch: Razer Blade 17 6. Duel screen: Asus Zenbook 14 How to chooseHow we testFAQs. The best laptops for animation need to have enough power for animation software and a display.

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So you want to build an animation computer, but you figure a good one is expensive that you can't afford. Some people are ready to drop $2-$3k on a build, wh.

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This build sports a new Ryzen 7 CPU, with the some of the highest single-threaded and multi-threaded performance of any CPU. This build will have exceptional performance for creating, modifying, and animating 3D models. It will have very good rendering performance, although not as high as the more expensive builds.

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Blender: Best Free 3D Animation Software. K-3D: Powerful Free Software with Advanced Visualization Pipeline. Paid Tools: Autodesk Maya: Overall Best. Cinema 4D: Best 3D Animation Software for Beginners. Houdini: Powerful Professional Software with Free Version. Autodesk 3DS Max: Best 3D Animation Software for Windows. Autodesk Maya is the best.

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Recommended GPUs include the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000, or AMD Radeon Pro W6800. When choosing hardware components for 3D modeling and rendering, consider your budget and your software needs. Ensuring that your software and operating system are compatible is also crucial.

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For that reason, we've tested several that offer everything you need in a PC for animation. Regardless of your budget or expectations, we're confident that you'll be able to find something to match your exact needs. 01. Skytech Pro Eclipse Gaming PC Desktop (RTX 4090) Shop on Amazon.

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8. Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K Slim. Check Price on Amazon. 1.) HP OMEN 30L - Best Desktop Computer for Animation. Check Price on Amazon. I'll kick off our list with the best desktop gaming computer for animation. The HP Omen 30L is a beast of a machine that can manhandle 2D and 3D animation.


Top 5 Best Computers for Animation. Alienware Aurora - The best computer for animation. Dell XPS - Easy-access case. OMEN by HP Obelisk - 1 TB SSD. iBUYPOWER Gaming - Perfect for gaming. Apple iMac - Solid performance. You won't face any difficulties when trying to choose a computer for regular tasks.

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Its hardware is more than capable of running the appropriate animation software and handling high-end rendering. By itself, it's a fantastic machine, and as with all PCs, is able to be upgraded after the fact. 2. Skytech Blaze 3.0 (3700X) Image via Skytech Gaming. Specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3070.

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Acer Aspire 5 - Budget-friendly Choice for Beginners. Razer Blade 15 - Premium Performance for 3D Modeling and Gaming. Lenovo Legion 5 - Mid-range Option Balancing Power and Value. Asus Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED - Dual Touchscreen Marvel for 3D Design. Apple Macbook Pro - Apple's Pinnacle of 3D Modeling Performance.

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Ive noticed that VRAM usage stays roughly between 6.7-7.7 GB on my 8GB RTX 2070 no matter the scene. However, it's the RAM usage that varies heavily depending on the overall number and resolution of texture files and other things like object information.