The tourist office was laconic about the actual program and I couldn’t figure out if the Joaldunaks really walk from one village to another or only walk a little bit as I saw. Agricultural fair, trade fair, concert of the municipal banda in the Florida kiosk, Basque force in Plaza de los Fueros complete the morning program. Every year during the Christmas holidays, Biarritz offers a beautiful sound and light tour. Once on fire, the character struggles with force, only to collapse, totally destroyed. Le Tour d'Espagne cycliste 2020 ne partira pas d'Utrecht aux Pays-Bas, mais bien d'Irun au Pays Basque, et sera réduit à 20 jours de course au lieu de 23, ont [...] Lire l'article complet: Cyclisme: la Vuelta 2020 partira du Pays...→ #Irun; Sport; 2020-04-29. The carnival will occur on the next Saturday, 22th. As in-vestments increase and productivity improves, real GDP growth could double to 13.2 per cent by 2020. As this information is difficult to find, I have created this list of the most traditional and culturally interesting Basque festivals over the years. and dog show. Zipoteros procession at 8:30pm. The city is home to some of the best pastries in the Basque Country and a Candy Museum. Place: various villages in the diocese of Hasparren, Basse-Navarre, Soule, Guipuscoa. I stayed in Valle de Villaverde, in Posada Calera. Don’t forget the earplugs. On June 30, San Marcial Day, Irun commemorates the Battle of San Marcial with a magnificent military parade in Napoleonic dress. BIP TAXI Taxi à Hendaye (Pays Basque). depending on the type of festival. For your accommodation, I recommend you the flat Gure Idorpea, a beautiful flat for 4 people, in the village. Check the link in the menu. Date: July 17 or 24, 2020. The staff was adorable and even agreed to let me come with my little Westie dog (normally, it is forbidden but I had asked beforehand). Date: Saturday, February14, 2021 (rural carnival). Titirijai has been held in Tolosa since 1983. Si on continue de venir aux ventas, c’est avant tout pour y faire des affaires. Place: nomadic festival, Alava. Book my vacation rental for 5 people in Biaudos via the contact section. And the best thing is: it’s in the centre, close to the places where the show is! Type: shepherds’ festival, outdoor, transhumance. It is the main rite of independence of the municipality, renewed every year. In the afternoon, the blousas perform the traditional “paseillo” with bulls: they invade the centre of Vitoria, in the company of bandas and txistu players. Date: Sunday before mardi gras. The first procession by the original troop took place in 1884. Ethno Travels was there in 2019 – for Jaizkibel Mass and procession. Waiting for decision. The dancers then perform the ancestral dances of Ochagavía in honour of the Virgin to the sound of bagpipes, and a ‘changing of the guard’ takes place.”, Excerpts from the site IRUN A partir de demain et jusqu’à dimanche, la ville va vivre dans l’histoire et la liesse Irun s’apprête à célébrer les fêtes de San Marcial dans un cadre rénové. Certainly cancelled. Gare routière d'Irun : + 34 943 61 67 63. All the festivals of the beginning (Labourd and Basse-Navarre) are easily accessible from my home. This festival is an opportunity to discover the Pyrenean society of Navarre at the beginning of the 20th century. When the sun rises, the streets of the village are filled with zaku zaharrak (literally old bags), thirty characters dressed in canvas bags filled with dry grass, two between the legs and one on the torso. Le démarrage de l'activité a eu lieu le 16/02/2010. Just enjoy the moment! Date: October 11, 2020 (pending confirmation). So we don’t know yet if it’s definitively over or not. Tudela, in Navarre, lives the last days of Holy Week with its celebrations of the Volatín and El Ángel, a custom that dates back to the Middle Ages. For the exceptional mountainous setting: Txindoki, Autza in particular. the best culinary experience in the world. The Javierada, or more precisely the Javieradas, is a pilgrimage in honour of Saint Francis Xavier. Arriving around 10am, you will not be able to reach Larraitz by car but you should still find space to park in the village of Abaltzisketa. Place: Fontarrabie-Hondarribia, Guipuscoa. In addition to the festivals below, you can discover: It is also worth seeing if the Paloteado del Casco Viejo in Tudela is renewed for a second edition or not (a mixture of traditional dance and theatre, which was performed in the 1940s). It is a meeting for puppet professionals from all over the world. Date: May 2, 2021 (pending confirmation). Vous n'avez pas de voiture pour vos vacances ? When a Tolosarrak friend took us there, we were surprised by the incredible quality and very soft prices. Expogrow Irun 2015 et IV Coupe Cannabique. If you live in Alsasua or know the carnival, I am ready to try the experience with you! The pilgrims do the Way of the Cross leading to the castle to assist to a Mass in honor of the saint. Date: July 25, 2020. At 9:00 am on Sunday, the Bajada del Ángel, which brings together thousands of people in the Plaza de los Fueros, is held. The month of January is marked in particular by the beginning of the Souletine masquerades in Soule, which last until April, and by the Tamborrada of San Sebastian. Theatre shows, large concerts, some of the best fireworks in the world, gastronomic competitions, games for the youngest and all kinds of activities take place at different sites in the city, but the heart is in the streets and squares of Casco Viejo and on both sides of the river, where the “txosnas” (stands with music, food and drinks) are also located. Use the comments below or the contact form to tell me! Alors que va t il se passer, voyons, voyons... Oui, impressionnante ExpoGrow et beaucoup de bonheur pour Alchimia Loreeeenzoooo, loreeeeenzoooo Je fume en attendant ce soleil qui me manque... Tu as un Euro? $22.14 Free Shipping. Type: religious festival, living Stations of the Cross. This delightful spot, which offers a spectacular view of the Irati Forest, has provided the setting, year after year, for one of the most emblematic and at the same time most ethnographically important dances in Navarre. Feast of San Juan Degollado in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. The village, famous for its PDO chilli pepper and its facades decorated with chilli braids, celebrates it every year at the end of October. Wood rafts were old boats that, until the middle of the 20th century, carried wood on the rivers of the Navarre valleys. The evening before, the Caldereros are celebrated as in San Sebastian. January is also the month of the very first Navarre carnival, a very traditional one occuring in Ituren and Zubieta. Y aller en train relève de l’impossible car il n’y a que 2 trains "Alvia" par jour au départ d’Irun pour Pampelune (départ vers 7h00 et 15h00 pour 2 heures de trajet) et donc vous ne pouvez pas rentrer le soir même. Ochagavía-Otsagabia celebrates Orhipean, the festival of crafts and traditions. 07-09-2015. The angel takes off this veil, to symbolize the joy of Christ’s resurrection. Hi, I’m Stephanie and I live between two cultures. Feel free to let me know if you notice any errors. Quelle que soit la saison, le Pays Basque invite à une joyeuse découverte de sa culture avec des représentations, concerts, défilés, théâtres et bien dautres encore. The Rioja Alavesa harvest festival takes place a few days before the harvest begins. Are you looking for accommodation and/or a guide for Holy Week, May holidays or any other period? Hiri Besta was created on Friday and Saturday to extend the celebration and involve associations. Type: alarde (military parade in period costumes), historical commemoration, outdoor activities. Salbatorez: Peña Idiak festival in Hasparren. You will also find Booking links allowing you to have direct access to the hotels in the area. January 30, 2021 (pending confirmation). In the morning there are what are called barricades. It is indeed a perpetual calendar. On January 20 at noon, the children’s tamborrada takes place, starting from the town hall square, along the Concha, the main beach of San Sebastian. For your meal, I advise you to plan your picnic. window.tgpQueue.add('tgpli-5fd90a2354ba8'), window.tgpQueue.add('tgpli-5fd90a2354bb8'). El llibre està dividit en vuit capítols, les set etapes en què repartiren l’itinerari que anava des d’Irun a Lleida, més el viatge en tren des de Castelló fins la ciutat guipuscoana que els encapçala. But you will also taste the best Basque products and admire the work of local craftsmen. For your accommodation, you can book the independent apartment for 5 people in my house, by contacting me via the contact section. Els pupi que podeu veure als teatres de titelles sicilians fan uns 80 centímetres d'alçària i pesen uns 10 quilograms. Type: a key moment of Souletine culture, a theatre performed/danced/chanted in the open air. Biriatou is accessible within 40 minutes from my holiday rental. Type: popular festival, concerts, fireworks, various activities, outdoor activities. Aquestes titelles estan fetes per artesans que són alhora fusters, ferrers, pintors i actors. Date: from 12 to 15 November 2020 – pending confirmation. Waiting confirmation for 2020. In terms of accommodation, I recommend you to stay in the beautiful nearby San Sebastian. The tamborrada of San sebastian-Donostia. Bayonne ham has been celebrated since 1462! Sauveterre is 45 minutes from my holiday rental. >> Click here to see the pics and reserve the best flat in Bermeo. Originally the Bayonne Chocolate Days, these were incorporated into Bayonne fait le pont, with various attractions offered throughout the Ascension holidays. I give you below the name of the best pintxos Bar in the city. Saint Ignace of Loyola festival in Gaztelugatxe. Dès lors, ces couleurs, qui sont aussi celles des fêtes de Pampelune, se généralisent et, au début des années 90, s'imposent. May Basque festivals featured on the blog. >> Click here to reserve the best hotel in Pamplona. It starts at 7:30 pm with a parade and concerts until about 10 pm, then the traditional songs of Saint John are sung around the fire. Date: from August 8 to 15, 2020. The city is renowned for producing the best in the Basque Country and even organises a txuleta festival at the end of the year. Each house has its own recipe. They paraded a little bit then I followed them when they started their march towards Zubieta…. At 6pm there is a big closing show with all the groups. BIP TAXI Taxi à Hendaye (Pays Basque). In terms of accommodation, Maria Cristina is the most famous 5-star hotel in the city. You can find a cosy place to stay at Alsasua (12kms). Type: pilgrimage, religious festival, Stations of the Cross. Stands and entertainment start at 10am. >> Click here to check the pics, reviews, prices and availability for your dates. All you have to do is follow the people and take the small path that leads up to Larraitz. All day long, craftsmen and farmers display their products in the streets, while musical groups follow one another. >> Click here to reserve the best accommodation in Valcarlos. But also my tips to travel close to people, ensure safe travels and be a responsible traveller. The carnival of Ituren and Zubieta opens the season of the famous carnivals of Navarre, the most interesting and richest carnivals in the Basque Country. Type: traditional dance, parade, outdoor activities. The Labourd carnivals, the earliest in the French Basque Country, start at the end of January or beginning of February. On Saturday (“Zaldunita bezpera”) there are the “Tamborradas” (adults and children), drum parades, in the streets of Tolosa. If you are travelling with a family or small group (up to 8), I recommend Amara Astoria-luxury Apartments, in the Amara district. We talk about Basque festivals, village festivals, traditional festivals, carnivals, masquerades, pastoral, alarde, Fête Dieu, etc. >> Click here to watch the pics and reserve your room in the beautiful Hotel Roncesvalles. Ferralariak: it is the blacksmiths who put horseshoes on the Zaldiko. Date: Saturday 1 August 2020 – Certainly cancelled. February 13th and 16th, 2021 – pending confirmation. The journey lasts five kilometres and ends at the medieval bridge of Burgui. De Sainte Agueda et ses chorales jusqu’aux traductions fêtes de la Saint Pierre et Saint Martial, en passant par notre fête très caractéristique de l’opilla ou de l’Euskal Jira. On the Saturday evening before mardi gras, all the carnival characters leave Calle Maldita, which is only open for the carnival period. The official communication is not ready yet but it will be on Friday and Saturday of the Ascension weekend. To see some pretty pottocks, sheep, cows, sheep dogs, etc…. The meeting takes place in a festive environment, with a large audience, traditional music (trikitixa) and stands featuring rural products, such as cider and cheese, as well as handicrafts. The pilgrimages in honour of the Virgin of the Real Colegiata de Santa Maria in Roncesvalles take place in May, June and the first Wednesday in September since the 16th century. The Semana Grande of San Sebastian is certainly the most beautiful festival of summer. During my visit in September 2018, I was very surprised by their appetizing nature, which is very rarely the case in Spain. Dans la même rubrique Office de Tourisme . However, I did not see a parade from one village to another. 4.003 The main Javieradas, departing from Sanguesa, occur at the beginning of March. Type: pilgrimage, religious feast, key event. Not sure if you need a Schengen visa for your trip? Type: Local festival, gourmet event, outdoor activities. The festivities last six days, during which the festival, music, theatre and religious acts are on the programme. Although Corpus Christi is also still taking place in Guipúzcoa and Soule, I will only talk here about Corpus Christi in the northern Basque country, in the villages of Basse-Navarre. The celebration consists of two parts: the parade that takes place in the streets of the city; and the act that takes place in the square. >> >> Click here to check the pics, reviews, availability for your dates. On Sunday, the city streets fill with pyjamas and slippers, as participants leave home with a neglected look, just getting up from the bed. Ziripot: dressed in bags full of straw, this obese character walks the streets while the Zaldikos demolish him on the ground. Se déplacer depuis Hendaye. If you wish to stay outside the centre of San Sebastian and prefer a more rural atmosphere while retaining the charm of the old, I recommend the Heredad de Unanue. It became even worse in Zubieta’s square, and not very reassuring, between the young people covered with blood or brandishing dead organs or dead animals and those who were scaring people with their chainsaws…. For your accommodation, I recommend you the guesthouse Hostal Beti-jai, where the food is also good. But also to help tourism professionals to improve their reception of international customers following the principles of sustainable tourism. The Souletine masquerade takes place every year in a different village of Soule. cordialement. Passion play of the three Kings in Sanguesa. Date: 28 May – 1st June 2020. Couple your morning to the pastures with a visit to the pretty town of Tolosa – old town, main square of the European Puppet Centre, covered market, churches, old buildings. Handiplage : 05 59 48 23 23. This guide being very long, it is not safe from typos…. June 24 for Saint John’s Day: this is a traditional pilgrimage, known mainly to the inhabitants of Bermeo. 2019: Logrono. Ideally located close to the waterfront, in front of the theatre and 400 metres from the historic district, this magnificent building has welcomed many celebrities such as Woody Allen and Liz Taylor. The village and its inhabitants are transported to the Basque country 100 years ago. On the eve of Santa Agueda, the girls go out into the streets singing. Now you are ready to organize your next stay in the Basque Country without missing out on important moments of local culture, or simply ready to discover traditional festivals in your region that you didn’t know existed! >> Click here to see some pics, reviews and the availability of this beautiful stone house hotel. Either to go down directly to Tolosa once the herds have passed and the dance is over.

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