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This includes a second-generation Roam with rumoured new touch controls and a new flagship soundbar,. (£945/AU$1765), which is a considerable bump up from the $900/£700/AU$1500 Arc. Sonos Arc (Gen 2): 5 things we want from the next Dolby Atmos soundbar; A post shared by Sonos (@sonos) A photo posted by on .

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A place for all Sonos users to hang out and discuss hardware, software, installation, ideas, and troubleshooting.. It would be a bit of a dick move for them to release an Arc Gen 2 and it be HD MA capable and the Gen 1 not. But, it is something they could do to entice new adopters on a Gen 2 , and also people like me who would potentially.

Sonos Arc gen 2

Release Radar; Community; Get help and assistance with your Sonos system; Home theater; Arc gen.2; Question. Hi there. I'm just wondering, if there is any chance of Arc gen.2 are coming this year. Thx. roadmap; Sonos Arc; Like; Quote; Share. 5 replies. Oldest first Newest first Best voted. jgatie 25702 replies 13 hours ago 25 April 2024.

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Nov 21, 2023, 8:00 PM UTC. As the company has strongly hinted in recent weeks, Sonos will indeed release its first-ever pair of headphones next year. That's according to Bloomberg 's Mark.

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The Sonos Arc soundbar launched globally on June 10, 2020 and cost $799 / £799 / AU$1,399 as a standalone unit. However, after Sonos announced a nearly product-wide price hike, it now costs $899.

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Sonos Arc (Gen 2): release date speculation. Sonos is a bit of an outlier when it comes to its product lifecycle. The original Arc was released on 10th June 2020, making it something of a geriatric compared to the lightly updated products that many other brands churn out annually. But in Sonos years, the Arc is merely in its middle-aged stride.

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Sonos finally fixes a popping Dolby Atmos problem with the Arc and Beam Gen 2; Sonos Move 2 review: big portable sound for a big price; Get daily insight, inspiration and deals in your inbox.

Here's what we want to see from the next Sonos Arc (Gen 2) soundbar What HiFi?

The first we heard of the Roam 2 was in a report from Bloomberg at the end of last year, detailing a whole timeline of releases for 2024. This included the much-rumoured (and now delayed) Sonos.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) vs Sonos Arc how does the new sound bar compare? TechRadar

The current Sonos Arc is still very modern in terms of its features, so we don't expect a Sonos Arc 2 release date in 2022 - it was three years from the original Sonos Beam soundbar to the Sonos.

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The Sonos Arc is specifically designed to partner bigger TVs than the more compact Beam Gen 2. At 114cm (45"), it is a bit wider than a typical modern 49-inch TV (remember, TVs are measured diagonally) and is proportionally best partnered with a 55-inch TV. Sonos Arc tech specs.

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Even if a new arc is released, I don't expect ground breaking improvements (i.e. sub gen 2 vs gen 3). Personally I prefer to see a new soundbar with design and sound engineering similar to the era 300. Thicker, but shorter, than the arc. Currently, looking at arc, sub and era 300s in my living room, it feels like products from different.

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Sonos Debuts 3 New Speakers, Including a $799 Soundbar. The Sonos Arc is the company's new high-end home theater option. The company's largest wireless speaker and its subwoofer also get an update.

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Opinion: Sonos went affordable, now it's going uber premium - and it's risky. Let's look at the Sonos Ray. It's Sonos ' most affordable soundbar, released June 7, 2022, priced $279 / £279 / AU.

Sonos Arc (Gen 2) 5 things we want from the next flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar What HiFi?

And between the release of Sub Gen 1 and Gen 2, a long 7 years passed, but Sub Gen 3 came out after 4 years. We know that the Sonos Arc soundbar became available on July 10, 2020, for $799 US / €899 EUR. On average, Sonos updates products every 3-4 years. The release date for Sonos Arc 2 is probably summer or fall 2024.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) vs Sonos Arc how does the new sound bar compare? TechRadar

Experience immersive 3D sound for movies, sports, games, and more. Sonos Arc's upward-firing drivers create a multi-dimensional soundstage that moves around you, rendering every detail with dramatic clarity and depth. Enjoy control with your remote, the app, your voice, and Apple AirPlay 2.

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Sonos seems to be refreshing their products on a 4 yearly cycle, so should be a new Arc next year ~ June/July 24. This is incorrect. Sonos creates a gen 2 of a particular speaker when it makes sense to do so, not on any arbitrary plan. The Arc's predecessor, Playbar, lasted 7 years without any changes. The reasons Sonos does these sort of.